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Originally Posted by Goldrunner View Post
BTW, the only way the Amiga could display 512 colours was with in HAM mode, but this caused terrible HAM artifacting and was a nightmare to use. When the ST displays 512 colours images with Spectrum 512 there is none of this artifacting, all colours live happily next to each other.
The Amiga 500 can do that much better, check out Lionheart on Hol.

It goes a little further than that, however: The Amiga 500 can use the copper to set 55 colors per scan line (on 16 color lowres screens), and it can do this on every line. 55 colors times 256 lines is 14080 colors per screen That's more than the ST, and it's more than the palette allowes, actually Get your facts streight please
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