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Thumbs up Turrican madness

Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
First off, of course T2 is an awesome game, no debate. But, for some reason I find myself going back more to T1.

I'm new to the Amiga scene admittedly so I don't know if that plays a factor but on lemon amiga and HoL there's usually a concensus that T2 was the 'better game'.

Am I odd?
The best Turrican game on Amiga could be Turrican 3. But then T3 is very short, even if it is with the best music, graphics, level design, colour usage, gameplay etc. That leaves us with Turrican 2 which is the best Turrican on Amiga - very good level design, space ship levels, big and clever bosses. Turrican 1 is very good, but the graphic is not enough touched and leaves the feeling of unpolished Turrican game if you have played Turrican 2 and Turrican 3.
Of course I am a fan of the three games and completed all of them several times without the use of any cheats.
The love of Turrican made me complete the Turrican games on SNES (Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2) and their clones on Mega Drive (Turrican, Mega Turrican and Universal Soldier). Also the C64 versions - Turrican 1, Turrican 2 and Turrican 3 (Several remakes by different groups). I also played a lot Turrican and Turrican II on the Sinclair, Turrican and Turrican 2 on the Amstrad, Turrican on the Game Gear, Turrican 1 and 2 on the Atari ST, Turrican on the Gameboy, Super Turrican on the NES.
The best Turrican game is the Super Turrican 2 on the SNES.
For the record I want to say that I played all these games (with the different hardware versions) on real Amigas (Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000 and AmigaOne with WHDLoad, JST, real floppies disks and emulators {WarpSNES, Arnold, ASp, ZXAM, Speculator, Hatari, DGen, GenesisPlus, VisualBoyAdvance, AmiNES, CoolNES, AmiMasterGear, DarkNES, VICE, MagiC64, Frodo and lot more emulators}).
Am I Turrican fan?
For sure I am Amiga fan.
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