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1. Nintendo 64 because of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and GoldenEye

2. Playstation because of Symphony of the Night*, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alundra, Final Fantasy VII-IX, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Gran Turismo, Colin McRae Rally and WipEout

3. Saturn for its awesome controller which I nowadays use to play SF4 on PC and PS3

*: Although Symphony of the Night contains (few) additional areas and a third playable character in the Saturn-version the Playstation-version still is superior (faster load times, more animation frames, transparency effects).

Originally Posted by Sensi
In my opinion 5th gen consoles are the best retro gaming machines[...]
In my opinion 4th gen consoles and home computers are the best retro gaming machines. I still prefer Amiga/SNES/MegaDrive/PC Engine/Neo Geo to Playstation and N64 because the majority of PS1-games are horribly ugly 3D-games and the N64 has a very tiny games library (also "Super Mario Kart" is way better than "Mario Kart 64").
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