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Hi chaps,
Back from holls and a few more updates:

Some RiscOS viruses found in Commercial Games/HD-Installs - Oops, sorry!
All fixed now & some of the games modded to work on a wider variety of machinery.

Thanks for the head's-up - No probs with 'traditional' FTP but as you say the web interface doesn't like ' or &. All offending files that I could find on the FTP have been renamed, if anyone finds any more do let me know.

BTW. apd's aren't worth downloading at the mo', as there's nothing out in the wild that will read them.

Yes, the RiscOS 'scene' is indeed utter sh*t - It doesn't have to stay this way, hence our small effort with regard to changing things.
As far a retro-hardware goes I'd have to say RiscOS machines & their OS are a thing of beauty. Such a shame Acorn sold them for far too much money back in the day - that alone did much to hurt the platform...
...still, Acorn kit is generally dirt-cheap these days - a decent Arc' can be had for much less than an Amiga A1200 for instance while a not-too-well kitted out RPC or A7000 can be had for about 20-40 should you be after something more 'modern' - how much for an Amiga A4000..?
Oh, and there's some great original Acorn-only games + many of the best Amiga one's were ported. (Some PC too!)
And we haven't begun to talk about the range of great apps available for the OS...

I can go on a bit.
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