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Da mighty Playstation ruleZ them all
Why?? Well I never needed a console back then coz I had my miggy and just like that C= was no more. So I needed something else to fill the gab and I never really have been a big fan of gaming on the PC, so I rented a psx with ridge racer and I was totally blown away by the speed of that rollercoaster ride of a game, hell even doom was good on this little gray box
I agree with Galahad, that there have been released alot of crap and dissapointments on the psx and I also agree that the saturn looks as if it should have beaten the crap out of sony's gray little box, but back then, this was the king. With kickass games like resident evil,crash,ridge racer,tomb raider,tekken,GT,Silent hill and countless rpg's and offcoz the best game ever made Metal Gear Solid, I'm still impressed with what they managed to squeze out of this box and I still play some of these games today on emulator
hehe just thinking back on my first meeting with psycho mantis gives me the chills So hell yea the psx rulez them all for me
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