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Very nice, Burseg! Consider it leeched.

@Ian, if I understand your point about WarpOS correctly: Despite the name, WarpOS is not a replacement for AmigaOS. Rather, it is a kernel for PowerPC, which works within + alongside AmigaOS. Large parts of AmigaOS (up to 3.9) remain dependent on the 68k processor, so the PowerPC chip is only used when called upon.

AmigaOS4 is supposedly to be 100% PPC.

May be of interest: MorphOS is a third-party project which is basically a PPC-native AmigaOS replacement. The developers cried foul at Amiga Inc, as they complained that their work was being ignored. I haven't been following the story for some time, so maybe they have worked out their differences.

If you knew all of this, sorry!
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