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Commodore failures (not including management politics or third party offers such as Sun and licensing technology to others such as Epson):
- Running out of money to market A1000 in 1985/86
- Sacking original amiga team in 86/87 (leading to subsequent little R&D advances)
- Releasing "high-end" A2000 as little-upgraded spec to A1000/A500 in 87 (should also have had standard model with 68020)
- Spending sweet FA during 1985-1990 on R&D
- A3000 not having fast 256 colour and 16bit sound in 1990
- CDTV/A500+/A600 waste of time and money
- A4000 not having 16mill colours and 16bit sound, but instead slow 256 colours - nevermind the CD32 and A1200 they were both crippled by the hapless AGA technology too)

In other words, all this stuff happened before 1992 by which time it was too late, and all of the latter parts late eighties to 1992 during the height of amiga sales were not due to lack of money. More R&D was conducted by original amiga team 1983-1985 than 1985-1994 with commodore. Just look at Paula chip and 8bit sound and non-HD floppies as an example. If this simple thing was not upgraded in a decade then more money would not solve anything if the will and direction is not there.
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