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Originally posted by Frederic
Wow..Ptchiappe...I remember that thread I think someone posted a config fo ryou, and I may have posted a screenshot, if I am correct. I bet the post is still around.
Ok Pete, here is your first posting thread!

And the other one that I remember:

But no config or screenshot. I think that thread is dead. I swear I remember a screenshot of the guy in his cell.
That's because none of them is my first thread .

In that thread were posted both screenshots and a couple of zips of the game (yes it was before The Zone).

Stressing my (not so good anymore) memory, i remember that i had wrote if somebody could help me because i had no access to Maincore's Dreamzone which was the only place that had Prison; then somebody downloaded it for me but it was non-working and somebody else posted a working version (not available on the net) and that was the first time i saw Prison working again in 12 years (yes i had to wipe off some tears ).

Probably it has been deleted because of the attachments, or by mistake.

Doing a search by username, the first thread by me still available is this: , written on the 29 june 01, so i was already two weeks on this board.
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