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Thanks Andy and thanks for trying to help with the Indy. I found out I need to use a Linux kernel with SGI disklabel support compiled in (typical hassle with things in Linux not working as I expect them to). I'm tired of screwing around with it, so I'll just keep it as it is.

Anyway, here's the inside of the NeXTstation:

The CPU - 25Mhz 68040 is the chip with the heatsink near the bottom (beside the NeXT ROM and floppy). I think the big impressive chip in the middle handles the display. Above that is the DSP.

The NeXTstation is the only "pizza box" computer I've seen that actually looks like a pizza box... except from a borg ship. (Yes, the borg deliver pizza. It's great because you don't have to tip them. The only downside is that you usually end up getting assimilated and having your limbs replaced with cyborg implants.)

And here's a shot of the Kaypro II in action... glow, green-screen, glow!

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