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I played this one and I think it's a great platform game, though imho it's not as good as the old one, but I think they did an exellent job trying to remake/renew it and it still has a top notch feel to it when u jump around the platforms and I think i saw some hints of the old levels in there, which is great I think, allso there are some new stuff, like floating with bubble gum ballons
I didn't like the change to the powerup system though,it does its job well, but the old one was better at that. I think the graphics and particually the sound deserves to be mentioned, coz its very, very good. Detailed and nicely updated cute graphics that I think fits the game very well, but what really takes the cake is truely the sound, it's just soo awesome.
This one is NOT a disapointing remake, it's pure fun, oldschool 2d platforming and imho a very well crafted little gem for the DS and it's one of those games u just slam in there for some quick fun. I love this game
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