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Re: The EAB "old timers" thread

Originally posted by Bloodwych
Iv0, Khephren, Mangar, MrDig, ptrchiappe, Malc to name just a few.
Hey, maybe i don't post very often but you can't say i've disappeared after the long work of translating all Simulmondo titles from italian to english for TwistinGhost (beware : only the titles, not the complete games don't get me wrong ).

I registered here 14 June 2001 because i was searching Prison and Bobic from BTTR pointed me to this board.

That was the object of my first post (which now seems disappeared) and i obtained a working copy (different from the common available version which was bad).

Since then, i read EAB every working day and will continue until my bosses allow it; when they'll cut it, i will be obliged to buy a modem (and maybe another computer too) but i'll still be here reading (and occasionally posting :laugh ).
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