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Thanks, guys, as always for your great comments. Reading these makes it worth the effort.

I've played and beat them all. Just couldn't resist going back to them when I finally got access to the internet back in the 90s and finally had the hints I needed to finish these adventures. I can't stand leaving stuff unfinished. As I say in the video, I think these games don't get the attention they deserve. There's a bit about them here:

I ran out of time before I could show a newer ICOM Simulations game called Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, which has lots of FMV and looks pretty neat. I might have to explore it further and use it somehow in a future episode, perhaps if I ever try to cover The 7th Guest. It'd be neat to do another episode on the Myst series, since I was just starting out when I did that one--could do it better justice now, I think. I even have it working on my 3DO console! Now, to snag a CD-i...C'mon, Craig's List!

In my opinion, the best one to start off with is Shadowgate, followed by Uninvited, and then Deja Vu I and II. Unless, of course, you're a big fan of film noire and detective movies, then start of course with DV.

The NES version is very nice, but I'm not sure if you can get it working with a mouse (be interested to know if anyone has tried this). I sadly wasn't able to get it working in Apple II gs emulation, so not sure what that platform had to offer. Grrr...
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