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Some more findings

Hey, I think I finally dig the .chd update process .
You don't need to re-download theses big (to huge) .chds. Simply use chdman (included in regular MAME binary distro) with a command based on this example :

chdman -update simpbowl.chd simpbowl_new.chd
(this updates Simpsons Bowling). Delete the old .chd, rename the new one as simpbowl.chd and replace it in its folder, in the roms directory.

You don't need to do it most of the times, to play the game, but the game name will be displayed in red in EmuLoader and you get a warning.
chdman fixes the checksum and that's what you need, until your chd is corrupt (unlikely)...

Another thing which prevented me from playing some of the .chd games is that the /diff directory was full of obsolete shit.
I had to delete its content (I believe it can be done safely, it seems to behave like a temp dir for .chd games), and all went fine again.

It's very easy and logical to add missing .chds : Simply right click > Scan Games > Selected Game
(and to work from the check results : right click > Scan Result > Selected Game )

Why did I have missing .chds , well it's a bit embarrassing . I fully understood the parent/clone principles only today.
It means I had game clones with the right roms, but no parent rom, on few occasions.

When a game has a US & a Japanese name, I choosed to have the most popular version e.g Warzard/Red Earth.

See ? may be not... But the important thing is has it all (roms + decent sized CHDs). Beautiful site, indeed.

Sometimes the parent has copy protection and won't work as smoothly as the clone, in case you wonder why they're used.
Search for a parent aka a game as people know it, and you'll have the dependencies displayed one click away.
You don't need the whole set to play the game, but it's safer to have both, even if you will never play the parent.
In turn, this makes things look better when you add a game to the favorites -it shows the parent AND the clones.

Finally, the twisted part for me is when the rom has changed in a way you cannot make explorer panes file2file comparison.

I mean, when a few files are missing no problem :
You can keep your existing roms and complete them in their respective .zip containers,
just re-download the rom in and copy/paste what's missing at sight.

When you notice the roms are the same, but the game name stills appear in red, you can bet the game roms were recently reorganized by the MAME team.
In this case, download selectively the missing roms from the latest torrent, replace the whole rom sets of these games and you're done.
I only had that problem with Last Duel & Mario. Yeah, ClrMamePro might be the right tool to use in such situations, mmmmh...

My explanations may not appear crystal clear compared to those of some of the seasoned MAME dudes (see last post on this page),
so sorry for those who find this tedious to read but now my selection of MAME games (makes a list of about 400 games) is all cleared up .

As a side note, it may be necessary to play with F2 -the test switch & F3 -the reset switch to make some games initialize properly.

Also, don't be fooled by the size of the LD which are proposed are part of MAME sets.
The most popular ex-Daphne games such as Dragon's Lair I & II, Space Ace haven't been ported yet.
I would only want to try MACH 3 from the 4 or 5 games that have been ported up to now.
Daphne has been updated to v1 so I guess you can stick with the mpeg/ogg rips for some time more.

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