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Do you still use the Amiga for work?

Every month or so, I setup an installation in a popular nightclub of the BA night... I provide visuals to the place synchronized with the stuff the DJ is playing.

Anyway, last year when I worked at a studio doing this, we took a PC a couple VCRs, stuff like that. Tomorrow I'll have my first party of the year, but this time I go alone. I broke free from that fucking studio and I'm now free to do what I really want I always thought the show could be expanded greatly if I used some of my old computers...

I'm taking the PC, for this event known as "vector-pusher". It will be providing interactive media I created with Flash MX.
I'm also taking my A1200, temporarily nicknamed "pixel-pusher". It will be providing effects, animation and stuff created with it and all tracked with Videotracker.
And if the setup was complete, I would be taking a C64, that would be nicknamed "charset-pusher". I wanted to do some charset art but I didn't find a noter program appropriated enough for the task. At least not one that let me work as fast as I needed. perhaps next time.

The setup is completed with a camera providing live video feed, two mixers (Panasonic WJ MX50 and WJ MX12), 4 Sony projectors and 4 screens. All these unluckily not mine but rented, except for the cam.

Anyway, I'm using the Amiga for my work, I think it rocks, what I do with it on Videotracker cannot be done as easily on the PC, if at all. Besides, it's got that special oldschool feel . I also use it when I need to do pixel work. The pixel disks and drive on kiken corporation's website I created using DPIV AGA. For these events I surely could use one of those rack-mounted A1200s that Eyetech sells! But I'm piss poor I have to take a frigging air fan to cool the Amiga during the many hours the show lasts...

Anybody else uses the Amiga for his work today? Would be nice to hear other experiences!

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