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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Cool, that's fine.

Actually, as I won't get the chance to really properly look until about Sunday anyway, I might as well spend valuable work time tomorrow trying to sort out what teams should go in what leagues (I wonder why the programmers went for 20 teams in each league anyway?).

I suppose they went for the 20 teams in each league 'cos it was easier to program or something.

I'm gonna use the following sps versions;

1662 Championship Manager '93
2742 Championship Manager '94 Season Data Disk

before I do, I'm struggling to install them to hd using WinUAE. Is this something that you can do then email me the folder? That way we're both using the exact same data. Or shall I just create new 93/94 disks (.adf) and email you them?
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