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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Apple is a US phenomenon. Style over technology. Well, it worked and still works...somehow.
You are missing the whole point of what makes apple successful here in the states. I think it is more "freedom from choice" than anything. You have one or two types of hardware, 1 music program, 1 photo program, one mail program, 1 calendar program and guess what? It is all best of breed and works flawlessly. No digging for drivers, no spyware, no hacking registries or spending all day on forums to get everyday tasks done.

As for the Mac going to intel chips rather than powerppc, who cares? The OS is exactly the same. Fact is, the intel systems are waaaaaaay faster and cheaer than the PPC systems ever were.

Getting back to the Amiga. It would have been nice of the OS would have progressed some more. I don't really care what hardware was under it, but it would have been cool if it did manage to progress like Apple where there are maybe 3 or 4 systems and no clones all running a superior operating system.
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