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Originally Posted by ronnie136 View Post
It was a very very long time ago, but I think we did look into adding/removing players, teams etc... If I remember correctly we decided it couldn't be done easily. The problem is down to the way we modify the CM data file. The file is a fixed size and we just patch/overwrite chunks of it. The game itself expects the file to be laid out in a certain way (with a specific number of teams and players) and it we add or remove players etc then the file size changes and the offsets to various data blocks with the file change also.
That's what I thought. I tried editing the windows .exe version and it's the same problem. You can change the text but you can't increase the amount of letters in the names or it it won't load. I'm gonna have a good look at editing the data with your editor on Saturday, I think I may be able to get round it, we'll see.

Originally Posted by ronnie136 View Post
I could stick it on the wish list, but it may be another 13 years before I get round to looking at it ;-)
Haha, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll still be playing it so it'll be worth the wait. :P

Originally Posted by ronnie136 View Post
I posted the CmEd310 file up on AmiNet as well and it's had 8 downloads!! There must be some other diehard Amiga CM fans lurking out there!
Awesome .
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