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Originally Posted by st-th View Post
You seem to have a severe comprehension problem, so I say it yet again: Some things I consider vital aren't finished yet.
There is no comprehension problem. You just behave like someone who's got nothing to release, whether or not it is actually the case. But this is useless talk ; only time will tell.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
I'm so not shivering... If you think you can do it better/faster/whatever, well, why don't you just do it?
Lack of time right now... But if you don't release a thing in the next 6 months, I'll do it if I don't have too many other projects running.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
meynaf, just look at the addressing mode. What effective address is this supposed to be? Immidiate as destination? Illegal. Absolute addressing? What's the "#" doing there, then? And it wouldn't make sense in the context of the code anyway. These are illegal instructions, meynaf.
Well, it seems that other people answered this already...

And, yes, as strange as it can appear to everyone, you can dynamically bit-test a constant (dynamically only). AFAIK WinUAE perfectly supports it, so if Ambermoon fails on it it's probably not for that. Both Phxass and ASM1 assemble it correctly. If you've ever played my custom dm1 dungeon, there are a few of them in the code...

About movem with empty list : it's valid too, but it is utterly useless. Just replace it with nop's and you'll get the same.

Originally Posted by st-th View Post
The latter two of the three excerpts I gave should obviously be "btst d0,d2", as any decent 680x0 programmer should realize immediately. That's why I gave the leading lines as context.
Well, no need to say more on the subject I guess...
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