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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Define better? Of the games I personally saw the on the 3DO, the vast majority stunk and I believed that was why it was a commercial failure.

If someone says Sega Saturn you automatically think "Shenmue, Panzer Dragoon, Radiant Silver gun" and countless Sega arcade ports such as "Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop" and 10's of personal favourites.

If someone says 3DO you think.... erm.... and then you think.... erm.... Road Rash? It had no "classic, platform defining, must have," titles that I knew of. Anything?
Erm, all the big EA games started off on on the 3D route on 3DO, FIFA, Need for Speed.

This was back when EA actually made good games too.

Anyway by better I mean better looking games, urgo capable of more eye candy. The fact that the 3DO was too expensive thus leading to very few "decent" games being made for it is neither here nor there.

Also PS1 > than everything in it's generation and before
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