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Oh, I forgot... I also have a brown C64, but it's in the closet. (who needs a C64 when you've got a C128?)

Under the Commodore desk is a brown (and yellow.. how the hell does a brown case yellow??) 1541 drive, which I connect to the A500 to copy programs to and from the C128 - using the GO64 serial box. I also have a non-working beige 1541 II in the closet, and an Atari 1020 printer, Atari 410 cassette, Commodore 1250 printer, extra A3000 keyboard... but that's it for hardware. (...I think...)

For most computers, I have the original boxes and manuals. I've got a huge pile of programming manuals, Amiga magazines, Byte magazines and about 1400 DD floppies. I'm sure I've got more stuff, but I'm too scared to search my closet. I don't want to get killed in an avalanche.
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