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The EAB "old timers" thread

After Burseg found my virgin EAB thread , nostalgia overcame me. I couldn't believe I wrote that over a year ago!

Then I had a look at members in my first thread (and hence a year into their EAB life also) that seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth!

Iv0, Khephren, Mangar, MrDig, ptrchiappe, Malc to name just a few.

Anyone know what happened to them?
Are they still here reading this?

Since Fred is bringing up the past, let's have a thread for all members over a year old! You deserve it for sticking with the program!

Perhaps you might want to link your VERY FIRST POST! and name the AWOL members in it because we never said they could leave! EAB is for LIFE! People might be able to shine light on what happened to them. Or perhaps they’ll post here!

More importantly however, I want to see the oldest EAB members right here, right now.

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