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Here is part 6: "All the rest":

The black IBM server is the first PC I ever bought in my life (though I previously had a few free ones). I bought it two weeks ago and it cost me $30. I felt bad about paying for a PC, but it has SCSI and is compatible with BeOS (BeOS can be seen on the monitor). It also matches my IBM AT keyboard and 20" IBM monitor (which was free) - so I have some "purity" there (pre-Lenovo too). Let me tell you, if you haven't tried a 1984 clicky IBM AT keyboard, you haven't really lived. It kicks ass! I also own two IBM Model M keyboards - 1986 and 1991 - but they're not as good.

Under the monitor is an SGI Indy with matching SGI keyboard. SGI mouse is on the desk. My SGI Indycam was sitting on the monitor, but I just noticed now that it fell off (and I don't feel like picking it up and taking another picture). I've got two Indycams. It all cost me $20.

Under that is a PowerMac G3 ($20). It did have OSX on it, but a damn Quicktime update killed it. I also have 9.2.2 on it and it was working nicely until two days ago when that got screwed up too. I'm really starting to hate Macs.

At the bottom is an A2000 - the ugliest Amiga ever made. It's actually an A2000HD so it has the SCSI card. It also has 1Mb chip and 2Mb fast. I upgraded it to 3.1. It's interesting that 3.1 works fine on a 68000. Lots of other software crashes though because programmers must assume that if you have 3.1, you've at least got an 020.

Well, that's it. I've got two more A500s, another 800XL and an Apple IIc with French keyboard, but that's all of it.
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