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I have so far accepted a couple of fakes (private information), based on the usefullness of the other information entered.

A name and at least the (street), city, state and country would be nice to have for later grouping and counting of the users. I will never give (or sell) any of the information entered in these fields away to others.

The e-mail address is probably the most important of these fields. This is where I will send you the link to the 'edit' page (when finished), so you can add/remove and change information as needed.

Besides, some people misunderstand the (according to me) clear instructions on what to enter where.. The field "Other public information" is the one that seems causing trouble:

Other informationFree-text field for other information to share with the users of the map. Here you can type your contact information (if you want to have it displayed on the map) or something other useful.
Do not enter your Amiga systems here, as this will be done in the next step.
I get a lot of system information in this field, and a few does not enter the Amiga systems at the next step at all. This gives me some problem when checking through the newly added users.

And yes, I check that the point on the map somewhat matches the given address, and that all the information is somewhat useful. I also have (so far) moved Amiga-systems from the "Other public information" to the correct field (which makes it easier to filter out MiniMig and other systems)

This also means that some of all the near 200 submitters have sent their information twice, or up to six times, thinking there's something wrong when the point didn't appear on the public map directly.

I will always have to check that the information is ok. Javascript is somewhat picky about how the strings are entered (illegal characters that breaks the script and leaves an empty map - which must not happen at the public map). Broken submissions will have to be fixed, not by what you entered, but in my code (as far as possible).


Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Well if you leave the 'Private information' bit completely empty (which I would prefer), this pops up :

Sure I can fake all that, but guess I just keep my A500 for myself then

P.S. : Can't see what my email has to do with this.
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