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Originally Posted by Exl View Post
I've had a quick look at it so far, and it is a very impressive piece of work!
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Exl View Post
Regarding entities, I figured out some more of the fields a while ago
I take note of these useful information!

Originally Posted by Boo Boo
Thanks Kroah i'm very intrested in this kind of thing, I just wanted to ask - do you intend to turn the viewer into an editor?
Well, i will love writing an editor for Chaos Engine, but there are many things hardcoded in the binary and many unknown fields in the data. I'll have to spend more time than i have to find out them.

But the main sensible point imho is the way level data are stored. Some are in the famous ".CAS" files, some in the RNC archive (like the nodes and monster classes of the level). Updating them is a lot of work (rebuilding the RNC archive...). And some files have their length hardcoded in the binary.

Maybe the floppy disk version (ST) has an easier way to store/retrieve data (even if the disk has no file system and data are raw stored). For example Time Bandit does not have any file system on ST, but once mapped, it's easy to expand the levels in size.

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