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I've had a quick look at it so far, and it is a very impressive piece of work! Regarding entities, I figured out some more of the fields a while ago;
short    X
short    Y
byte    Health
byte    Speed

byte    Unknown3
byte    Unknown4

byte    linkDeath
byte    Angle?

byte    Unknown7

byte    Class
byte    Attack
byte    attackDelay
byte    attackSpeed
byte    attackDuration

byte    Unknown13

byte    Link

short    Unknown15
This is by modifying the values in memory while the game is running (but before you start playing), and seeing what effect they have. Tedious work...

Anyway, I'm not 100% sure about the Angle (1-8 clockwise, 0 for facing player maybe). The Attack seems to describe what type of attack the entity has (see ), with the attack delay, speed (of the projectile) and duration (lifespan of projectile i.e. max. distance it travels) serving as parameters. The linkDeath field describes a link that when activated, kills\removes the entity from the level. "Unknown15" seems to be 0 in all levels.

As far as a cover's 28b_unkEffect field, here's what I found out;
Values repeat in effect every multiple of 32. Despite being a flag, the
crossfade effect doesn't seem to combine with any of the pop effects. All other
values cause no effect to be used. I'm probably reading them wrong from the

1   Top left pop
2   Top center pop
3   Top right pop
4   Center left pop
5   Center pop
6   Center right pop
7   Bottom left pop
8   Bottom center pop
9   Bottom right pop

17  Top left large pop
18  Top center large pop
19  Top right large pop
20  Center left large pop
21  Center large pop
22  Center right large pop
23  Bottom left large pop
24  Bottom center large pop
25  Bottom right large pop

255 Crossfade
A "pop" being one of those small white explosion things you also get when a coin vanishes. I realize the values are probably flags or something, and I'm interpreting the value wrong, but it's something at least.

I'll continue to peer through the viewer, and see if I can find some more things to comment on.

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