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Commodore didn't have a clue, likewise neither did Atari.

The only reason Commodore acquired Amiga was because Atari were too stupid, but up until then, Commodore had no plans to succeed the C64, they just seemed to wander aimlessly into successful computers, but that luck had to run out at some point.

They didn't have a clue how to market the A1000, and finally got their act together with the A500, but then they just rested on their laurels, sitting back counting the cash.

They then did the CDTV, which might have been a success had they got a god damned clue how to market it, confusing instructions given to sellers meant it wasn't a computer (though it clearly was), it wasn't an Amiga (natch!), it was a home entertainment system... something that hadn't been embraced yet.

But the biggest failure was the A1200, never mind the CD32.

It was good that they increased the colour pallete, it was good that they increased processor speed.... and thats where the good news stops!

Only 2meg chip ram....
Same 4 channel 8bit sound chip
Same blitter that now has to move 3 extra bitplanes around but running at the same speed!

Where the fuck was the hard drive as standard?

Why wasn't it at LEAST 68030?

Don't get me wrong, i like the A1200, its a nice machine, but it should have a been a real genesis of the A500.

As for the CD32.... jesus wept! Nice inside, why the fuck was it designed by morons? The CDTV was several years earlier and looked about a BILLION times better.

Commodore didn't give a flying fuck about the Amiga in whatever guise it took, so long as it was making money, thats all they cared about.

Commodore UK however, I had time for. David Pleasance did his very best to get software companies onboard, actually bothering to ask them what they wanted from the proposed A1200... and then Commodore US completely ignored what was asked for and just blithely went in their own direction!!!

The Amiga had a technological advantage that no other machine will EVER have again. No machine was that far advanced over the competition and lasted for so long.

Now technology moves too quickly, and whilst its nice to program for a machine where you know what graphics and sound it has and know that within reason you can program and it will work on them all, that kind of computer cannot exist today, they have to be modular and expandable in a way the Amiga was never really designed to be.

Even if the A1200 was a technological marvel like the first A1000, it would have taken the PC little under a year to beat it.

But first and foremost, Commodore were responsible, they just didn't have a clue.

As for piracy, that doesn't even warrant a response!
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