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Found another interesting bit (to me ):
Commodore had two architectures that were never released: Nyx with AAA and Acutiator with Hombre. The latter consisted of a PA-Risc Core at 100MHz, 3D Acceleration, PCI and would have run WindowsNT with m68k Emulation.

That is the Amiga that would still be around if C= would had $$millions in '93.

Hombre was to be a complete system in two chips.
The first chip was the CPU chip and contained a RISC integer core, a blitter, a 3D colour rendering engine, audio, a CD interface, a peripheral interface, a bus interface and controllers for display and system memories. The second chip was the video data path and contained line buffers, a colour lookup table, etc. The chip set was designed so that with minimal external chips (ROM, DRAM) a complete low-end system could be built.
(see here)

That sounds quite cool and technically advanced. No more Kickstart on CD64.

EDIT: "could be sold either as a high end PCI graphics card" (Wikipedia) - Amiga the graphics card

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