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Originally Posted by Firthy2002 View Post
Wow it must have taken you ages to come up with such a collection!
Surprisingly not. Up to 2004 I had only the A500 and CoCo 3 - no PC or anything else (my first computer was a CoCo 2, but that's long lost). I then went Amiga crazy and started collecting lots of Amiga stuff. Then I expanded to Atari. (I always wanted an 800XL - it was "the Amiga of the early 80's")

In 2008, I went to a computer museum and really liked the Kaypro there. I searched Craigslist for Kaypros and eventually found a collector selling one with his motherlode of old computers. I nearly cleaned him out. The rest of my stuff came this year from people who had run out of space and were ready to trash the computers. I saved quite a few from certain death. The computers were cheap or free, but in poor shape. I fixed them up nicely and they live again. (... to one day seek vengeance and DESTROY THE UNIVERSE! ....but.. now I've said too much... )

Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
I always wanted a NeXTstation but I wouldn't know what to do with it! hehe
Yeah, well now that the NeXTstation drive is dead, I don't know what to do with it either. I had planned on getting it on the internet (just because the WWW was invented on a NeXT), but now I'm screwed. The NeXTstation, like my SGI Indy, has no convenient method for installing the damn OS. You basically have to already have the OS on the harddrive. I think you can get an external SCSI CD-ROM, but I don't think you can boot from it to install. What the hell were the designers thinking? (probably planned that way so the company can sell you that service... and the drives)

Coming up... part 6: "All The Rest"

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