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I know how to finish Willy Beamish. Are you stuck somewhere?

I've been able to play all my old DOS games under Win98. Just a matter of having an ISA soundcard, writing separate sections of CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT, and creating a boot menu. It also helps if you disable your L1 cache, for games designed in the pre-Pentium era. This can be done with a freeware utility at boot time. If you want more details, I've got 'em!


Actually, there's one game I cannot get to work right no matter what. It's called Alien Logic. Interestingly enough, this brings my post back to the topic, because it's a great point-and-click adventure. I really recommend it, if you are highly skilled at running legacy apps on your PC.

One game I always loved was Shadowgate on the NES. I never got into the Amiga version, because the copy I had was bad. Kinda challenging, but can be figured out by trial and error.

Loom was cool. It had a great line towards the end, oh what was it? Damn! The villain said something just classic. It was like a one-word sentence, but it was just perfect. Oh yeah! Bobbin says something like, "Over my dead body." Then the villain says, "Preference noted."

I've been meaning to try The Dig and Beneath a Steel Sky. Been too busy ZSNESing lately
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