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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Perhaps the difference is filesystem, not device driver version? Try replacing FastFileSystem in RDB with version that comes with WB2.1 (or WB3.x, I think they are compatible with KS2.x)

HDtoolbox, add/remove filesystems (or something), remove possible old FFS and replace it with newer from WB disk's L-directory, reboot and reformat.
Yeah well I prepared and partitioned the drive in HDToolbox from AmigaForever's install, which I believe is the 3.9 version, but if I also format them under 3.9 or even 2.1 from 37.350 it shows as NDOS under 37.300.

This time, I prepared the drive in Workbench 3.9, partitioned it into two 1.8 gig partitions, booted into 2.1 under 37.300 and formatted them both from there again.

Seem to show fine on my A600, and the full 1.8 gigs too, so the rumoured 40 meg limit is not true, for me at least.

So I found a way around it, but 37.300 seems to be very picky and only wants to work with drives IT formats itself.
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