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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
37.175 does not contain IDE drivers. UAE controller always works, it comes with its own driver.

Use 37.300 + IDE0 in WinUAE to reproduce the problem, make smaller partitions to avoid the problem.
I don't have 37.300 on UAE Amiga Forever only comes with .175 and .350

I have tried to make smaller partitions, just re-initiallised the drive in HD Toolbox, and made one single 30 meg partition, still same problem, NDOS on the A600, but fine in UAE on 2.0 and 3.1.

The 40meg limit of 37.300 seems to be an urban legend too, everyone on the forums says they've never seen it, and are using drives much bigger with it, plus its the same problem with my 30 meg partition now, so it must be something else?

Knew it wouldn't go smoothly for me, nothing ever does lol.
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