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Thanks for that guys, solved the problem. Formatted, made two 1.8 gig partitions, copied my UAE workbench 2.1 and Games drives to them, they look fine in UAE, however when I put the CF into my A600 they are showing up as NDOS disks on Workbench, any ideas?

I've just rebooted the PC and booted into my A600 confif UAE with Kick 2.05 and also the Amigaforever 2008 default and the CF drives are showing correctly in that.

Could it be the problem with my Kickstart 37.300 in the A600? I have heard apparently it can't handle disks bigger than 40 megs? but then several other people on here are saying their machines with .300 runs large disks fine.

Anything else worth checking for, why it would work in UAE but not in my real Amiga?
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