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The problem is, that although I am still committed to the Amiga, I'm not very active in forums / news groups / irc whatever anymore. I just haven't got the time for it. Some things just comes up (the idea of the map), then I implement it and want as many (relevant) people to use it as possible.

I have been on EAB (and the other forums) for a while (registered or not, logged in or not), but haven't had any much relevant to post, so I have been a "quiet observer". Going through the announcement forums on EAB and (for moderation) should still be more accepted than just posting it everywhere on the forums.

Have nothing more to say for now, but if you have some questions or ideas, just post them to the thread or PM me.


Originally Posted by illy5603 View Post
I think having this project as your first post here is the problem. Forum culture is picky that way. If someone with 3000 posts did the same thing, the replies would probably be much different, but then again, perhaps not.
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