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Here's part 5: "Apples & NeXT"

Mac SE in the corner running OS 6: (the black monolith is my "new" IBM server running BeOS and there's an awesome clicky 1984 IBM AT keyboard... more of that in part 6)

My latest acquisition - a free loaded Apple II Plus with floppy drive & joystick, internal modem, 80-column, lowercase text (wow...that's an addon??) with matching ugly Zenith monochrome; and a Mac Classic II (last of the B&W Macs) running OS 7.5.5. ( A500 emulates 8.1, by the way)

Here's the NeXTstation, once proudly displayed, now "hiding in shame" under the Commodore desk. The harddrive died exactly one day after I managed to reset the login password and actually use it. Also under the desk "in shame" is a badly yellowed A4000 keyboard.

Edit: Before I rearranged things, I didn't have enough space so I stacked one Mac on top of the other... which I called my "Stackintosh". Thankfully, with my new arrangement, I no longer have to stack. (...which reminds me of a Monty Python sketch about "The Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things")

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