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Fixing the hard disk was more a case of perserverance than skill, I bought 3 disks worth of Amiga hard disk tools off Ebay and set about it with the HDToolbox tool on one of them. Looks like the hard disk has read errors on it which stops it spinning up properly, but ifleft the verify tool running on it for an hour or so eventually it seems to kick into life. I then reboot the Amiga and I can use the drive.

Took me quite a while to remember the old Amiga shell commands, but in the end I managed to copy off the source code and latest version of CMED and the keygen onto two of the floppies I bought off Ebay (had no other old 880kb floppies so had to sacrifice some of the tools I'd just bought).

Looks like the drive is dead again now, but atleast I got some stuff off it.

Next plan is to buy a PCMCIA flash card adapter and then I can copy the files to my PC. May even be able to get CMED source runing in WinUAE, if so I can generate specific key files for people, otherwise I'll just release my own personal one which I found on the drive.

Should hopefully grab the adapter this week, so all being well I'll have the stuff availble by the end of the week.

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