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Here is part 4 (of 6) - "Amigazone" :A3000, 2Mb chip,16Mb fast RAM (otherwise stock 16Mhz); A1000 with 1Mb, external floppy and matching 1080 monitor; A500 with Viper 520 (33Mhz 020/68882, 8Mb fast RAM, 3.0 ROMs), 2Mb chip, ECS Denise, 40Gb 2.5" IDE, CF, DCTV, etc. As you can see on the 1080, the A500 is viewing this very EAB page. (...but I dialed an unreliable free dialup in California, which disconnected me moments before taking the picture... see the modem lights below the desk)

The speakers are connected to the A500 (to hear Amiga music in full glory), positioned for maximum stereo effect. The speaker on the left is balanced on top of an Atari cartridge of possibly the worst game in history: ET Phone Home. The one on the right is sitting on a bottle of XO cognac.

The picture is a bit dark, but the sun was too bright. (My camera batteries just died or I'd take another.) Tomorrow... part 5: NeXT & "Stackintosh".

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