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Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
ta I love the design they use on the apple iic.

Although I hate apples immensly I'd just rip the insides out and put A600 in there
The keyboard sucks hard - it jams and it's ugly too. What I'm most impressed with though is the built in 5 1/4" drive. If it just had a better keyboard - like the TI-99/4A, it would be awesome... but yeah, unfortunately still an Apple.

Edit: Speaking of keyboards, all the keyboards in that shot (except the Apple of course) have great keyboards. They all have sculpted keys made of thick plastic. I love the feel of the Model III and my older TI-99/4A. (slightly newer TI-99/4A feels cheaper - damn cost cutting!) I was surprised about the Vic 20 keyboard. It has the best feel of any Commodore.

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