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I need to reorganise my NeXT/Mac area before I can take the Amiga picture, so meanwhile here is the relatively boring part 3: "Portable PC Corner". These things were free and they're from the 80's so I decided to keep them. The IBM 5155 is the first IBM portable "PC" (but not first portable IBM - which was non-PC... if you know what I mean). It has a very nice clicky keyboard (but badly arranged keys) and amber screen. Like the original PC, there's no hard drive.

The Compaq Portable III is one of the first with a plasma screen (sickly orange). It also has 5 1/4" drive and a (non-IDE) harddrive with Windows 3.0. I used 3.0 Hyperterminal on it to connect to Win XP on a modern PC and copied disk images for the Kaypro to write on the 5 1/4" drive. (unfortunately Kaypro couldn't read it - Compaq drive uses wrong density/speed)

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