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Originally Posted by andy View Post
Perhaps you can add model names to all of the images, mr_a500? I'd imagine that not everyone will know everything in your collection and it'll give the shots a bit of meaning, perhaps even cause people to further look into each system.
I assumed everybody would know all these computers. (...I mean, who wouldn't? ) But I'll describe them: first picture from top left - Commodore Vic 20 sitting on Atari 1200XL on top of a Kaypro II (a CP/M portable... try putting that thing on your lap). It's beside a Kaypro "New 2" (not to be confused with a 2X or a "New II"... love that Kaypro naming) which has an Apple IIc on it. On the floor is a TRS-80 Model III with a TI-99/4A on it.

The Vic 20, 1200XL and TI-99/4A aren't hooked up because I've got another TI-99/4A downstairs hooked up to my TV and an 800XL hooked up as seen in the second picture. I don't have the monitor adapter for the Vic 20. The rest are hooked up and ready to go.

The Kaypros have thick metal cases and keyboards. They're the computers I'd want in front of me if I was under heavy machine-gun fire. They have crisp green-screens with persistent phosphors (after erasing characters, you still see the glow for a second) and the keys give a satisfying little beep when pressed.

I've got a text-based Pac Man for it (anybody ever play text-based Pac Man? ...not exactly fun) and there's a text-based Lode Runner-like game called Ladder which was interesting enough for me to get the Amiga version.

(Amiga picture coming... I've just got to move the NeXTstation out of the way)
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