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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
Windows 2000 is one of the worst operating systems ever.

It should act as a storage device, do you have any other usb storage type things that work on your OS's?
Windows 2000 is 99% the same as Windows XP (without 500mb of driver files shoved onto your hard drive without an option to NOT have them pre-installed) and XP is the only version I can stand once suitably skinned.

Worst Windows OS has got to be Millenium (ME) or worst ever is DOS, DOS made my C64 look friendly

Anyway I suspect your camera's manufacturer is rubbish, I plug my Panasonic Lumix and it just opens up as a new temporary drive to do whatever I want with I had a Fuji about 4 years ago and it needed drivers installing, didn't just appear as a standard USB temporary drive like they're supposed.
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