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My new digital camera - works with A500, but not Win2000

I finally got my first digital camera (a gift... and yes, I'm behind the times) and I was surprised (and disgusted) to learn that it doesn't work on Windows 2000 ...but I can connect it through composite to my A500 using DCTV. It's currently the only way I have of transferring pictures. (until I get my SD to IDE adapters ...for both Amiga and PC)

It sounds like I'm picking on Win2000, but it doesn't work on BeOS, MacOSX 10.2, or any other (slightly less old) computer or OS I have. (WTF? I thought a camera would act as a standard USB storage device with no drivers needed!)

I just thought it was funny that even with modern hardware and software, the Amiga still has some uses.
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