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Big grin Intro and a question

Hi Everyone,

I have recently dug out my two old Amigas and am enjoying playing around with them again (I finally have space to set them up!). I had a C-64 all through Uni and graduated to a A1000 as soon as I got a job and could afford it. Neither have been turned on since 1996 so I have discovered just how much I have forgotten about setting them up. Finding the active Amiga community and new hardware for sale on the net has been a pleasant surprise too as these machines have always been my favourites.

I'd appreciate some advice on setup though. What optimisations should I be doing to make my A2000 as fast as possible. I have copied the ROMs to FastRAM but that is the extent of my knowledge. Anything else I should be doing? And while you are in the advice mood, are their any utilities that are "must haves"? I am not that interested in games, I'd just like to set up a productive environment and who knows, I might even get back to programming on them

My current hardware is:
A2000 - 68EC030 25Mhz, ECS, 1MB Chip RAM + 4 MB FastRAM (GVP Series II Hard Disk Card) + 9MB 32bit FastRAM (GVP G-Force 030 Combo) with 500MB Quantum SCSI drive, Commodore FlickerFixer, AMax2+, 286 Bridgeboard, HD floppy, KS 2.04 and WB 2.1.
A1000 - 68000, 512kb Chip RAM, 1.5MB FastRAM, 1084 monitor, KS 1.3 and WB 1.3.

I have ordered KS/WB 3.1 for the A2000 and have bought Amiga Forever 2009. Very pleased with Amiga Explorer which makes backing up all those floppies easy via a serial cable. Currently trying to justify to spouse why my antique computer needs to be connected to the network with the other 7 machines in this house

Thanks for any suggestions and thanks for the active Amiga community.
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