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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
...Therefore I'm sure this guy is ripping people off by burning them to DVD and claiming he did all the hard work to benefit the community. I always hate it when I see this happening.
But the scans Mort's selling he DID scan manually himself; everly single page. And the site makes no bones of the fact that some scans are available for download elsewhere. Buying the DVD is simply a convenience thing. I mean, you can buy a Zzap DVD and the Zzap scans are all available on the site itself.

I just don't see how anyone's being "ripped off". If you wanna search for the mags and download 'em yourself, what's stopping you? If you don't have the time or inclination, you can buy a DVD. And again, all the DVDs have been scanned by Mort, so he DID do all the hard work.
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