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I bought it and i don't buy PC games ever. Not interested in PC games and my laptop is just for encoding normally.

Game is great obviously but i find the voice acting is a little dull in this specially compared to the new monkey island i recently played. Lechuck sounds good, Elaine not quite how i pictured her talking and most others just sounding like they don't care.
Also using my touchpad to pick dialog selections i have to slighty go under the one i want to pick it. The mouse changes to a normal Windows mouse and its just not pointing at the right spot but im used to it. EDIT - game ran in windows mode randomly this time, maybe because im encoding, and the mouse was accurate.

Art is nice but guybrush looks terrible imo, other characters are hit and miss but mostly hit. Very good to be able to just press a button to convert back to the original. EVerytime i change it back to original im surprised at how basic it looks, in my mind it looked a lot better and its not like its been that long since i've played the amiga ver. I thought some of the art in the woods looked a little wonky, might of been me but the black boarders around trees that didnt look correct. Oh and the voice over guy that comes on is so much louder than the normal audio it scared me.

Not surprising but the game runs great, the first game i can actually run at 60fps 1080p on laptop.

Here are some shots of the areas that look a bit strange..
Looks blurry liked they just copied the same tree pattern next to that same tree.
Forest has lots of black boarders to the right and a big black square boarder around the tree stump.

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