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Wow so many replies already. Thanks everybody.
After putting a number of hours into this I'm convinced there is no PC CD speech version. I believe Kixx also made the Delphine collection CD as well as the one with 40 other games.

I played through the game with ScummVM last night as it's just been added. The PC DOS version that is. The Amiga and AtariST versions aren't supported.

By the way Angus I used the KG 2.1 WHDLoad version. It could be your problem.

I've never heard of Amiga's SAY program. Looks like I'll have to do some more 'research'. Having a quick look am I right in thinking it's a speech synth? Was this done totally in software or is a hardware add-on needed.
Blade002 you say the game doesn't have a speech option. Does that include the possibilty of it using SAY?

Adropac2 I don't think the game is as good as some of Delphine's other games. Back in 94 I was 26 and was into shooters and platformers much more. The college which had an Amiga had a teacher who at weekends would let a few people in and play Doom over LAN. So much fun.
As I've got older I've started playing Adventures a lot more. Maybe it's a patience thing. Cruise is a short game though. I just don't think it matches Flashback or Another World.

Apparently there is an Atari ST version. I'm thinking about downloading something like Steem and playing it just to check for any speech.
But I'm 99.9% convinced there is no speech of any kind on any version.
I guess the only way to make it 100% would be to ask somebody who was at Delphine at the time.

Again thanks everyone for your input.
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