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Unfortuately (if the information is all taken from the Anachists Cookbook as I suspect) all this information is very old, and most of the instuctions are also very dangeous. I made a few of them myself (tennis ball + swan vester match head = pffft, a dissapointed laddy) and electric powder bombs (never again). But when I say dangeous, I mean they do not tell you anything about the safety precations that any library book on the subject (yes you can find this stuff in the library) would tell you about.

Hmm, yes, nitroglycerene (sp) - don't shake it, get it cold or hot, leave it still - but you can make great "on-contact" bombs (throwing at a wall) if you do not add enough stabalising agent! Woohoo.

Hmmm. I suspect many less of the 14 year old boys would have blown their arms off some more of that sage advice - perhaps not touching with bare skin it because it is poisonous would have also been good?

Yeah, great trip Mummy.
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