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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Check Motorola docs! 'nuff said!
Edit: check st-th's post below.

One of these instructions is proper 68k code while the other isn't.
Edit: same as above ;D

This is as illegal as your btst example. Movem is only valid with a register list.
If you want to find these strange movem.l commands, you can check some Titus games or my custom mods from Titus games, perhaps both commands has no effect, but are valid (no crash).BTW. Maybe btst D0,#6 command is unsupported by current Amiga emulators, if this is true it can be main problem, why Ambermoon don't works OK on emulated Amiga, and can be good and easy idea for protection for current Amiga emulators.
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