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C64 Forever ROM licensing

I've been trying to establish some licensing information concerning the ROM code distributed in C64 Forever. After waiting for a month for a reply to my e-mail, I got an initial quick reply from Cloanto by using their web form. It did not answer all my questions so I queried further, but I've now waited two weeks for a second reply and am not certain one is forthcoming. I have been implicitly told the code should be licensed and that All licensing information and credits are included in the documentation, but I don't wish to buy it to find out what it says. Other threads indicate some users here have this product, and I was thinking perhaps they could check out a few things for me.
  1. Does C64 Forever contain all the ROM files distributed in upstream VICE, including the non-C64 items such as the VIC20 or the PLUS4 ROMs?
  2. Are the ROM files identical to the ones shipped in upstream VICE or are there changes? (I'm asking because the ROM files in Amiga Forever are not only obfuscated with a key file, but also deliberately crippled)
  3. Are there some Terms of Use accompanying the ROM code with inconvenient restrictions such as only to be used in emulation or perhaps limited to one running copy at a time?
  4. Does it say anywhere whom the the ROM code has been licensed from? Tulip perhaps?
Please don't use this thread to vent how much you hate Cloanto, how pointless you feel C64 Forever is, to advertise Gamebase, to point out how the copyrights on the ROM code have not been enforced for twenty years nor to engage in any other unhelpful topics that are already well covered elsewhere.
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