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Just doing some detective work here.

Action (MooVId)

It looks like the last version of MooVid was 1.5 (25.05.2001), I assume this version was released after the one bundled with OS 3.9?

If 1.5 was newer, does anyone know if it was any faster than Action?

According to the blurb, it should display a 240x180 truecolor AVI/MOV at 15FPS (without skipping) in perfect (!) colors on 030/50 AGA (which happens to be my setup).

Whereas with Action I can barely manage 1FPS and it's all in greyscale for some strange reason, oh and that sound is stuffed too? I've also noticed that Action seems like a very stipped down version because I can't see anyway to configure the sucker?

Before anyone mentions it, I know my 030/050 is not the machine to use for playing back movies....this is just for fun

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