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Originally Posted by Harrison View Post
It will be something amazing if it does make it to release and is a true sequel that really pushes the franchise on from the ideas of Frontier.

However, we have seen so many promises of great projects end up shelved or never really started.

Totally agree. E&B was a great game. I played it from release until the day it was closed down. It was something that you can't really describe to anyone who never played it. I still have the game in its box sitting on my shelf. Never to be used again.
I still have the tunes on my pc, . I used to be the only Terran Tradesman in the guild in betatest. I remember they were escorting me to level up, finally leveled and they reset servers, .

I used to like helping the n00bs. I used to make them 200% quality laser lvl 1's, they would cream themselves, lol.
You cant forget the sommerled station run, damn that was a profitable run, .

Still got my guilds tribute forum up and running (mainly for us all to keep in contact).
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